Thursday, 28 May 2009

three pears short of a lemon tree

Until I get my website up and running I am stitching my roots here in this blog! I'll begin by telling you a bit about myself... I am an illustrator/textiles artist studying Contemporary Textiles in WWSOTA (west wales school of the arts). Originally I am from Ireland, I moved over here 3years ago to frolic with the baby lambs down in the valleys...and to do my degree! I began studying fashion, I've always been a huge follower of the area; especially the styling and photographic side. However once I started studying it, my passion almost completely disappeared in a frenzy of mis-cut patterns and badly sewn hems....pattern cutting was definately NOT for me!!

One thing I did take from the two years in fashion however was illustration and for that introduction I am so greatful. Because of my disaterous dressmaking skills I decided I would concentrate on illustration full time and so I upped and moved to the textiles department in college (a much happier land!!) I just made the move this year (my final year) and so i had a lot to catch up on. I decided because of the time factor, I would concentrate on developing my screen printing and stitching techniques, assets I thought would give my illustrations a quirky twist amoung the mass of digital work being produced at present.

The past year has been brilliant, sometimes horrible and stressful, dismal too..those days were pretty bad. But now that it's all done those days are forgotten. The college show opens next Monday (the 5th of June)...hopefully this is where all the hard work pays off.

Thanks for taking the time to check out my blog, I hope it's somewhere you'll enjoy returning to in the future to look at some pretty pictures and read my random ramblings :)

before you go, heres a wee look at what I do/did
(art students actually do things sometimes you know!)

This is a stitched picture... a lot of people say it looks like Lilly Allen. I don't think she'd be too impressed if she heard that!

..another stitched picture. My friend is actually using this for the next issue of his art and design magazine 'Pinback.'

These are some of my t-shirts from my final collection. All tshirts are hand printed (using silk screen printing) and hand embellished by moi

and here are some of my ceramics..

I will post some pictures of the exhibition soon, lis :) x


  1. Hey Lisa.... great to find you're blogging! Sorry I didn't get a chance to see you properly at the private view... busy night! Anyway, have you decided on prices for your plates?! Because I really want one (or two!) of the black and white stitched portraits.... See you soon at New Designers, Laura x

  2. Hey Laura, thanks for checking out the blog..hopefully some day it will be as established and full of achievements as yours :) I'm selling the stitched plates at £40, they've had some great feedback and sold one at the exhibition (I still have three left though) so will definitely explore it more in the coming year. Can't wait for New Designers, not long now! See you soon Laura, looking forward to it, Lis xx

  3. I really love your stitched portraits, did you do them all by hand or did you use a machine? They're really brilliant,