Wednesday, 10 June 2009

The show is up and atom!!

So the college show is now running into its second week. The work on display is AMAZING and, although I am very bias, I do believe it's one of the best years yet. The opening night was last Friday where everyone's tough year of work was awarded with a celebration of live music and cheap wine, lots of fun was had by all!! Here's some photos of my installation, the pictures don't really do it justice as it was impossible to photograph it in the round due to the enclosed nature of the space (7 boards each one 7ft x 4ft creating an enclosed hexagonal installation.) Anyways it will give you an idea, talk soon, lis x

...and to end, here is a family photo of my three best buds and me (the ginger!)


  1. Hey found your site through design milk and your work is really good! I just finished my degree too in Ba Architecture but only a 2.1 for me well done !

    are the ceramics for sale?!

  2. hey thanks for your ineterst.
    Good job on finishing your degree also, its both terrifying and exciting isn't it! Where did you study? The plates are for sale, will be selling them at New Designers in London at the beginning of next month. I'm in the process of setting up a website at the mo so will have lots more for sale up on that in the next few months.

    Lis x

  3. oh wow lisa, I had heard you're stuff was fab but this stuff is amazing...very inspiring! :)