Wednesday, 10 March 2010

it's been too long....

I can't believe how long it's been since I dropped a line here, I am a terrible blogger!!

I am writing this from Wales...I've popped over to college for a few days to see all the fabulous happenings of my friends as they prepare for their final show. I remember the anxiety and uncertainty of this time last you're so sick of looking at your own work and how you begin to doubt everything you once believed in in September! I have done my best to chat to everyone, reassuring them of their brilliance (there really is some great stuff happening here in the college)...but I still feel so sorry for all the guys as they struggle on to jump the last hurdle.

Anywho, things are goin very well on my side. Have been working on comissions, as varied as stitching pictures of peoples grandchildren, designing wedding invitaions and rebranding a restaurant! I have had some lovely mentions on various blogs and in magazines, to all I am so greatful.

A particular thanks to Cat Glover from Hanatsubaki high fashion magazine in Japan, and Katie Dominy at UK based arts thread mag for mentions in their rescent publications.

I had some amazing news on monday, I've been selected for the One year on show at new designers this summer. I am absolutely amazed and still cannot quite believe it.

New designers was the foundation of everything that I have done since leaving college, the chance to show there again this year as a practising designer in their first year of business is so exciting...I am going to work my ass off for the new few months to put on the best show there possible!!

The girls and my ceramics are still residing in the fabulous golly gosh boutique in waterford. The guys there are doing very well and it is most definately a boutique Waterford was in serious need of, you can check out their stuff at

Right I must be off, I am heading out to the beach with one of my fashionable friends to try commandeer a tree for her photoshoot......the things I do!!! x

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