Saturday, 5 February 2011

breaking news!!!

In resent minutes, Connolly has released a statement to insure that she has not in fact 'sold out'!!!! Just under a month after writing her passionate article, stating her passion for full time designing, love for the struggle and so on, the designer has in fact, obtained a full time job! Here's what she had to say...

"Well basically, I applied for a part time retail position in a new outlet opening in town. A couple of days later I am called for interview, and actually offered the managers position within the store. Not ideal in some aspects, but in others it is perfect because now I have the finances to start putting my lovelies into production on a large scale...something I've been struggling to do for quite some time. I've been manufacturing in bits and pieces, never enough and certainly not to suffice demand I have received.

Good side!

On the downside, I will not be able to commit to the Workhouse Studio full time...but the girls have been incredibly understanding of my new situation. Although I will not be working with them on a daily basis, I will still remain apart of the group which is absolutely fantastic because they are such a great team to be apart of. It would have been absolutely horrible to break away from the girls.
In addition, I fought to have my working schedule arranged so I can still attend the 'FAB' start your own business in all, I am not losing out so much, design time of course but I have made a nice little studio space in my house that I can work in the evenings after work...still being productive and fabulous and all that!

So, although I would love more than anything to design full time, as of yet, I am not in a position to do so. Which is okay. Because when I am...I tell you I will be such a machine you will have never seen such a thing before!!!! Stay tuned for exciting news coming in the next few weeks of a super fantastic collaboration between the Workhouse Studios and other fabulous up and coming designers..joining force for one EPIC exhibition!!!!"

Lovely stuff!!! :)

oooh, and for anyone who hasn't connected to our Workhouse Studios page do so now to keep up to date with all the news...Eily has also uploaded some very arty images of the studio so check it out!!

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