Friday, 27 May 2011

Leela & Bee bring you....Zizzi Kenilworth

Kenilworth castle is the heart and soul of the town and so we decided to convey the whimsical nature of it in our work. Our illustration shows a young girl dreaming of her knight on his voyage to be by her side. Along the way he battles a dragon, then passing Kenilworth castle he finally reaches his lady.

knight on route to his lady!
Every part of the tapestry was hand made by the designers. All the fabrics were hand dyed to a contemporary colour pallet deigned specifically for Zizzi. The illustrations are machine embroidered and each piece has been delicately hand finished to create a 4m long tapestry.

Knight and his lady
This is a piece unique to Zizzi and very special for Kenilworth!!

The finished tapestry was far too long to photograph in its entirety so you will have to wait a little while for some photos :)


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  1. I love your style of drawing Lisa, it's so effortless but amazing! :)