Friday, 8 July 2011

Zizzi Hitchin!

"Food should be fun!" Thomas Keller

So I've just finished my fourth project working with Zizzi Ristorante! During my time working with the team, I have come to learn what a fun company this franchise is! Looking at elements of their practice such as their artistic Fresh Talent collective and the musical Zizzi sessions, it is quite clear that this is a highly innovative company of the times.

This is what I wanted to illustrate in my work here at Hitchin.

Hitchin has a thriving market which dates as far back as the 14th century. I illustrated elements of food that have been sold at the market over the years, highlighting the fun and frivolous in each item.

My illustrations have been printed on vinyl and applied to the windows of the restaurant. In addition, my funtastic food has been printed on bunting which hangs outside the premises, mimicing the bustling town market!

...will have some photographs here soon!!

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  1. Well done Lisa, can't wait to see the photos x