Thursday, 12 November 2009


Hey guys, the lovely Katie from fat-quater online magazine interviewed me during the week about my stitch work. here is is....


  1. Hi! Just discovered your work on Fat-quarter online. It is really beautiful, your way of stitching, I have never seen anything quite like it! Good luck with everything :-)

  2. Thanks Olly, you're little creatures are awesome! good luck with your quest to take over the world!! :)

  3. hey hey gorgeous lady. jus logged on for a quick nosey, spotted your stuff and I'm mesmerised. love the new portraits....looking fabby. u gota let me know when ur next show is over here and I shall to my very best to pop by!!!hope the bursary is goin well? read your interview on fat quarter, and u seem to be flying it. keep up the good work chuck xxxxxxx