Thursday, 5 November 2009

Knitting & Stitch show RDS Dublin

Last week saw the arrival of the knitting and stitch show to the RDS, Dublin. I was really excited for this show as it was my first in Ireland. In all, it was much quieter than London, however this wasn't so bad as I got to catch up on some reading!(If you haven't read the Kite Runner yet you should, it's amazing.) Anyway, I had some great feedback which was good and have had some comissions to stitch pictures of a few grand children so I'm looking forward to that. Also got to meet up with some more lovely graduates from Galway that were exhibing there which was nice. The biggest surprise of the week was the arrival of Ms Suzi Park who I could not believe was standing before me (Suzi was my stitch teacher in Wales and traveled all the way over for a quick hello, she is a bloomin' amazing lady!!!) Anyway, I will leave you enjoy some pictures of my work, and the other other lovely ladies I was exhibiting with.

Here are the Lovely Emma Doyle and Jacqueline O'Neil

..and the equally lovely Vivienne, Kate, Kirsty and Abegail
This amazing work belongs to Miss Orla O'Brien. I fell in love with her stuff at New Designers and again when I participated in the Mint Escapes exhibition with her earlier on this year. She makes adorable dolls and stitches pictures of them too. This was the first time we met and she is absolutely lovely. We are now talking about having an exhibition together..and then take over the world perhaps?!
and that would be me. Thanks you and good night X


  1. Ha ha thanks for the nice words Lisa... you're pretty amazing yourself ya know x it was great to see you and your lovely work again, but I am looking forward to a longer better catch up soon. PLUS we need to discuss what items you want to put on the Suzi Park website!!

  2. I love your work lisa it's so amazing and unique!