Monday, 10 January 2011

a day of unproductive productiveness!!!

                                                  Tim Walker shoot for Vogue May 2006

So I sat down with a big mug of tea last night to trawl through my endless back issues of Vogue, Tank and Lula. I haven't done it in ages, and even though I've read through them all hundreds of times, I continue to be excited by the dreamy location shoots and brave garments that have been fashioned by some of the worlds best creatives.

Sasha Pivovarova in Chanel, January 2007

Although I have gone down the textiles route of stitching, ink is where my journey into illustration began. I spent the first two years of college studying fashion design. I never got around the precision of pattern cutting and found it quite soul destroying because I could not master it... illustration class however was where I 'blossomed.' I spent many an hour sketching class mates prancing up and down on top of tables wearing as many different textured items of clothing as possible and absolutely loved every second of it!!! The messiness and unsure nature of illustration speaks to me more than a perfectly tailored garment ever could.

messy work space!

I must say I really enjoyed my day of doodling..although that was not was I was supposed to do at all. I am (or rather should be) constructing my market research surveys and questionnaires in line with the business model I am setting up this year. My business advisor and best friend Orla Caffrey has given me a massive book on creating and conducting such things, but being the crafty person I am am finding it quite impossible to make friends with this book!! Orla, if you're reading this I'm sorry and promise to get going on it tomorrow!!!!

Tim Walker shoot for Vogue, December 2004

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