Thursday, 13 January 2011

so...where do you work?

This is probably one of the most dreaded questions I hear lately... what do you do? Where do you work? Today I had an electritian in my house doing some work, and making small talk, he asked just that. So, I told him I was a freelance designer, based in a studio la la la and just as quick as I could inform him of my contribution to our country, I could see his bright and hopeful face fall to one of confusion and pity. How do you make money then? So you have no steady income? That's hard, why don't you get a real job (grrr that phrase makes my blood boil!) etc. etc. I could go on and on. I stayed there for a while trying to explain anyway but knew my words were falling on deaf ears.

That's the thing with being a's a constant battle to keep up with 'the real world.' One of my musician friends called round this evening, we spoke of the marvelous things we did with our day...he began writing a new song, I sketched some new illustations which for the first time this week I really adored. We were delighted with ourselves. Then my partner, who is a carpenter arrives home from work (who I must mention is incredily supportive in my pursuit of design doimination), anyway he arrives home from a hard day of grafting, covered in dirt, absolutely wrecked...and suddenly, my efforts seem so meager.

why don't the 9-5'ers dress like this?

I am a dreamer. I summon a zillion new business ventures, design ideas and adventure possibilities on a daily basis. The 'real world' may turn their nose up at this....and so, to prove them wrong I have decided to make this the driving force in achieveing all I want to do. Creative people have made the world the playground that it is. I am sure I am a very very small fish, actually I'm probably more like plankton, in a massive pond of uncertainty amoungst such types and that is a reassurance in itself!!!

Apologies for the massive rant. Creative folk I've got your back...and not so creative folk...I hope you've got ours!!!! xxx

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