Tuesday, 18 January 2011

It's FAB!!!

So I've just finished the first stage of the FAB programme. I should probably explain a bit about this wonderful initiative!... FAB stands for females at business. It is a scheme set up by the Waterford City Enterprise Board with the aim of helping more lovely ladies get in to business. It was felt that the majority of business start ups were male driven and so the aim of this programme was to put a change to this in Waterford.

Their initial call out was back in November where they held a coffee morning in the local Tower Hotel. I've been to some other networking events as of late but this one by far had the biggest response. Every table in the function room was full and they even had to draft in more seating!!! How incredible!! I think when you're trying to start something up yourself it's very easy to feel alone...but here were at least sixty other ladies all with similar ambition which was very comforting!

We discussed our own ambitions and plans for our businesses and listened to experienced female entrepreneurs speak of their journey. It was was probably the most positive and inspiring cup of coffee I've ever had!!!!

So the next stage of the programme was an idea generation workshop with Joe Kelly (local business mogul!) We were broken down in to smaller groups...less chatting and more doing, you know what a massive group of women are like! There were three other ladies in my group, Claire who is aiming to write a book, Brenda who bakes fabulous scones and cakes and Aileen who is setting up a joined venture with her husband specialising in carbon testing homes. It was great to have such a variety of business ideas bouncing off one another. This phase lasted for just three session, but it was amazing to see the transformation in attitudes by the end of it. Joe was very enthusiastic and encouraged each individual in the group. Each gal left the phase feeling confident, capable, and pretty bloody FAB!!!!!

The next stage is a ten module start your own business course during which time we will also be assigned a personal business mentor to help with our set ups. In all, this is a fantastic initiative headed by the City Enterprise Board and I am very grateful to have such guidance at the beginning of this huge venture. I think more cities should follow suit and get their ladies ready to lead us out of this recession!!!!


Bonzie Pendant

Before I go, I couldn't possibly blog about business women in Waterford without mentioning the fantastic Bonzie....

Ger and Bonzie Crotty

Bonzie is a local fashion design collaborative featuring Ger and Bonzie Crotty. The ladies describe themselves as 'an independent Irish design label with romantic vintage appeal.' These gals are at the cutting edge of tattered couture, creating whimsical designs that cannot but make you dream.

Their creations are incredibly beautiful and unique. Although they hold a very strong presence in the bridal market, I admire Bonzie's ability to provide fashion and accessories for a much wider audience. I dare anyone to try and find a piece of theirs that they would not love to call their own.

Last week, Bonzie received the recognition deserved as they were crowned Ireland's most influential designers of 2010.
They are an incredible inspiration and are proof of what you can achieve with hard work...and a smashing personality (as opposed to the bitchy industry stereotype!) I wish the ladies all the best for 2011, keep a close eye on them and if you can invest in a piece of theirs soon...do!!! I am saving as I speak     type!

Collection of Bonzie Pendants

Bonzie Bag

Bride wearing Bonzie bolero
You can enjoy more of Bonzie's delights here...

Enjoy!! xxx

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  1. Thanks for sharing our work with your lovely blog readers Lisa. Really enjoyed your article and congrats on completing your FAB initiative. I have heard wonderful things about it!!
    Great to see Women in business moving forward.